People – the most precious commodity

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Ah, people.  Ya gotta luv ’em.  Unless you are a hermit alone on a mountaintop, people are unavoidable.   But why would you want to?  (OK, there are those moments…)   Without people, there would be no business – no clients, no customers, no vendors, no employees, no UPS or FedEx, no office supply stores, no shoppers, no one to produce our various forms of entertainment.

People are a GOOD thing.  To live in harmony with them – and to succeed in business – we need to do more than just get along (although that’s a good start!)  At the very least, you can extend a kind word, a smile, or just simple courtesy to the store clerk you may never see again.  For people who are in your lives on a recurring basis, perhaps just a bit more?

Find out what your employee, your vendor, your customer wants out of life; find out what interests them.  Let’s help each other win at whatever we are trying to achieve.

These thought inspired by today’s quote:
“Tact is the language of strength.” ~ R. Burg
Thanks Mr. Burg!