Speed-reading… How about Speed Watching!

There are so many great videos and webinar replays available on the internet, but who has time to watch them all?  As an Evelyn Woods speed reading graduate, I have been frustrated with having to. slow. down. to. listen. to. every. single. word.  Aaargh!   There had to be a solution!
So I searched and – yes, there is!  I found a REMARKABLE product that can slow down the video (helpful if you’re taking notes, or the speaker is just talking too fast).  You can also speed up the video to double, triple, even 4x the normal speed (without sounding like the chipmunk sound of a fast-forwarded tape).  The sound is very clear.  I find I run comfortably between 2x and 3x the normal speed.  Not only do I get the information faster, but my attention is less likely to wander.

Try it free for 7 days!  Speed Up Video

Speeding our way into a Happy New Year!
Your Biz Lady

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