Say Thanks by Giving

Seasonally correct (after all, we are approaching Thanksgiving), but a little off the topic of business… Unless you agree that the habit of giving is a wealth magnet for you and your business. (See Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Wealth Attraction In The New Economy, wealth magnet number 25.)  Or to say it another way: Giving is part of the receiving cycle.  One reason to be wealthy is so that you’re more able to give!

YourBizLady supports giving.  A portion of all income from this site (all those little hyperlinks and affiliate programs that bring in a few pennies or dollars here or there) is donated to charities that provide a hand up.  My favorite is Heifer International.  They provide a hand up to help people out of poverty and into self-reliance.

A new organization – – has come to my attention.  Since I’m cautious about giving to an organization where most of the money just goes to support the organization instead of the cause, I decided to check them out – and they do!
Hooray for the Internet!  Did you know there’s an easy way to find out if an organization is really doing what they claim?  You can check them out through the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has a Charity accountability checklist – 20 items that they review, and an in-depth report you can read that shows the percent that actually makes it back to the people it is intended to help.

Who is your favorite charity?
What is your criteria for a charity?
Give the gift of hope as a Christmas gift!


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