Rick Falls

Rick Falls is a really energetic guy who has a lot of business experience, and loves to help people. He was a financial planner for a dozen years, then a Mortgage Broker for almost ten years, then a real estate investor and property wholesaler. He then spent several years and tens of thousands of dollars in the Internet marketing world looking for the magic pill that is so often promised, but rarely delivered.
Rick remembers waking up one day with a realization: he had a solution for real brick and mortar businesses that were having a hard time attracting customers and making ends meet.  He had acquired a LOT of amazing and useful knowledge that most small business owners were not aware of, knowledge that could quickly be applied to make a difference in their business results.
So he started helping friends and people he knew promote their businesses, and it worked!  Their businesses improved.  That’s when Rick got really fired up and created www.1stpagelocal.com to help small businesses – what he refers to as the heart and soul of America – “get found” in their local area.
Rick now also runs workshops and coaches business owners, helping to get their business  working even better, through use of the latest information, the coolest programs, the brightest people, and the simplest-to-use technological advances.  Rick continues to expand his knowledge, attending events, conducting trainings online and offline, and staying up to date on all of the coolest and most effective tools, to better serve his clients.

Rick Falls loves to help people, and he especially likes getting things done that most people say can’t be done.  He is making a big difference in the lives of business owners everywhere.

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