Quick cost-friendly way to take credit cards

Someone just told me about a cheaper way to accept credit cards: SquareUp.com. It was created by the founder of Twitter. Only 2.75% per swipe for all credit cards; No monthly fees or contracts; next-Day Payout.

…so I asked my internet marketing friends, “Has anyone used this yet?“

Bonnie said:

Yes, I have it, and it’s great! I kept thinking there would be some strings attached or some kind of hidden fees, but it’s very straightforward. No fee except the 2.75%, and it’s paid out as advertised. It has really simplified my business too.
We had a merchant account for years, and at the beginning it had a $10/month fee, but now it was up to $50/month. Plus we had to carry the little swiper machine around and make sure we could plug it in somewhere. We cancelled that a couple months ago after we got the Square.
I think every business person should have a Square account.

Gerald said:

We just got it and it’s awesome. Have one reader and two accounts; one personal and one Corp. I have been speaking to a friend about buying my foosball table but he never had the money; ask me next month he kept saying. No problem, let me swipe your card and you have 25 days to sort it out. Cost me 6.88 but far better than a lost sale or another month having the same conversation.

If you take credit cards – or want to! Take a look at SquareUp.com.

Here’s to your wealth!
Your Biz Lady

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