Money Personality Quiz

Question of the day: Do you know your money personality? What is the truth about your money personality? Is there such a thing?

There are 4 main “Money Personalities.”  Find out if you are a Saver, Spender, Money Monk, or Avoider on this 5 minute Quiz to quickly diagnose which type of Money Personality you have.

Your Money Personality determines:

  • How easily you earn money
  • How well you manage money
  • What financial challenges you’ll face
  • And how rich you’ll be

I just took the quiz. Very interesting – with a suggestion to change a habit I actually want to change!

Take the quiz! You’ll learn:

  • What your spending and saving habits really mean (who knew? It’s almost like visiting a shrink)
  • Which money habits you need to change to be financially free (it’s different for each “personality”)
  • How to create the financial outcomes you desire (finally, a roadmap!)

Take the Money Personality Quiz now:
Click Here!


To our mutual fun and profit!

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