Letting Go Of Your Online ‘Friends’

I just got an email form John Reese, known to many for his “Traffic Secrets” product.  He’s down-sizing, eliminating his marketing business, and spending less time on the computer so he can spend more time creating a business that really interests him.
His long email concludes with some advice we could all do well to heed – especially if we want more from life than we currently have:

I challenge you to think about minimizing
your communication with your online ‘friends’ that
you connect with on Facebook, Twitter, and via
email.  They very well may be taking away from
your life and your business rather than adding to
it.  We really do only have just so many hours
available to us in a day, and it’s really hard to
reach your goals if you spend a large percentage
of your time “communicating” and “researching”
and not “doing.”

Thanks John!  A good reminder for all of us.
Your Biz Lady

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