Jeff K. Prager

Jeffrey Prager, a very successful entrepreneur, has played key roles in multimillion dollar companies – as   CEO, CFO, CPA and owner – for almost 40 years. During those 4 decades, he’s learned how to manage businesses in less than 10 hours per week by tracking only 7 key numbers.

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He retired in May of 2007 only to find out he was allergic to retirement. That’s when he founded Backroom Management.  It’s purpose? To provide education, support and software to help business owners earn the profits they deserve.

What were some of his achievements up to that point? Jeffrey built his previous company to $26 million in annual revenue. Simultaneously, he served as the CFO for another company, helping guide it to $100 million+ in annual revenue. He authored courses called Business Planning (A Cookbook Approach to Writing a Business Plan), Monitoring Your Company’s Vital Signs (An Approach for Analyzing and Reacting to Conditions Impacting the Profitability of a Business), and Marketing Your Professional Services which were taught at various state societies of CPA’s.

Jeffrey has taught courses on accounting, management and finance. A CPA with 36 years of experience, Prager also serves as a teacher of managerial economics (applying economic theory to business decisions) at the University of Colorado -Denver.  He also assisted in writing the business section for the “Certified Remodeler” designation, which is a program run by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

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