Dan Stojadinovic

Dan Stojadinovic specializes in teaching business owners how to expand their income with internet marketing and joint ventures. As a nationally recognized speaker, he teaches internet marketing to all types of entrepreneurs, from real estate investors to attorneys, and every niche in between.

Dan inspires people through his story as an immigrant who began with nothing and was able to succeed in building the life everyone dreams about.

Dan has the ability to explain, in very simple terms, how easy it is to utilize the internet to build a list of interested prospects, and to start making profits! He is the organizer of the Hype Free Internet Marketing and Joint Ventures Bootcamp. His current focus is to help you profit through the use of webinars, starting with no knowledge, little money, and no list.

This is good information! Just click the signup button on the right and leave us your name and email to be notified the next time this webinar plays…. OR …If you’ve already listened, go here to take Dan up on his offer: PassiveWebinarSystem.com (Yes, he gives me a percent of his ridiculously low price, which helps cover my administrative costs and proves how big a heart this man has!) Go here PassiveWebinarSystem.com before Dan comes to his senses!

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